Recent discoveries

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During the Covid-19 pandemic the museum was not open for visits and all activities were cancelled or postponed till the hazard disappears. Such measures however did not stop us from carrying out several maintenance works on the venue and the exhibits themselves. It also permitted for further research about the objects on display, the graffiti found on the walls and the history of the locality itself.

Two salient discoveries made concerning the site of the museum were considered also important to tell us more about the site and its environs in history. The first was the finding of a projectile and a zoomorphic figurine dated to an age between the paleolithic or mesolithic age (c. 12,000 – 7,000 BC) and the early neolithic. The projectile, which could be an arrow-head or a spear-head is indicative of human activity on site, such as hunting or even defense of the group from any enemy or creature. The zoomorphic figure, resembling more some kind of livestock, or zoomorphic deity, is witness to the artistic expression of the community then occupying or inhabiting the site.

Another discovery at the museum venue concerned a graffito found at the museum’s main hall. The figure which was already classified as Ottoman was analysed closely. An in depth look at the details of the attire worn and weapons carried, classified this figure as representative of an Ottoman Solak (janissary archer) who was stationed at the house during the 1565 Great Siege.

Maltese for Foreigners

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A Maltese for Foreigners – Beginners’ course is starting on Friday the 22nd March 2019 (evenings).

Bookings are now open till 15th March 2019. First come first served basis. For details and application form click here.

See the best tourist attractions in Cospicua (Bormla) with a plan including Bir Mula Heritage Museum

International Museum Day 2017

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Bir Mula featured on

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Bir Mula Heritage House was recently featured on The article was written by Melisande Aquilina and we invite you to read it by clicking here (1st part) and here (2nd part).

14 February 2016: Delizia Mia!

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A warm welcome awaited all those who on the 14th and 21st of February visited Bir Mula Heritage. All those who joined us during these two dates could discover the origins, varieties and true flavours of delicious chocolate with friends old and new. All our guests had the possibility to be enticed by the quality of Gran Cru, cuvée and organic chocolate varieties. Moreover, they could also discover the origins, varieties and true flavours of all available chocolate.

On the 22nd of January, John Vella, curator of Bir Mula Heritage House delivered a presentation with the title ‘Thalassic Imaginaries’ at the Malta Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. Mr Vella presented his research on toponyms with a maritime connection in Bormla (Cospicua), one of The Three Cities.

Italia Film Festival 2015

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The photo below shows the concluding event of the 2015 Italia Film Festival. Two documentaries about the town of Vittoria, showed how this baroque Sicilian town of the 16th century featured in various films for the big screen and for TV as the internationally famous series ‘Il Commissario Montalbano’. The photo shows Dott. Mingardi Director of the Italia Film Festival for the last 12 years, while he was explaining to the attendees about the sites, actors and people behind the scenes of these documentaries, films and TV series. At the end, the participants were entertained with Sicilian nibbles and sweets from the Ragusan province.

The Sketchbook

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Italia Film Festival 2014

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The photo below was taken during the Sunday Matinee (held on the 14th December 2014) as part of the final day of the 11th edition of the Italia Film Festival in Malta. This year the festival featured four films from the collection ‘Il Commissario Montalbano’ (Detective Montalbano) who tries to solve crimes taking place in Sicily. The actor Peppino Mazzotta (who attended the festival) plays the role of Inspector Fazio in the films. The film that was shown at Birmula Heritage House was ‘Una Voce di Notte’ based on the novel by Andrea Camilleri (with actors Luca Zingaretti, Peppino Mazzotta and Cesare Bocci among others).

The photo shows part of the participants and Director Arturo Mingardi explaining about the series ‘Il Commissario Montalbano’, about the actors, about the novels of Andrea Camilleri and the locations of the film in the Ragusa province of southern Sicily. Mingardi explained that the producers and Camilleri, noticing the popularity of the Italian Film Festival in Malta (especially with the collaboration and support of Bir Mula Heritage and the Cottonera Resource Centre – University of Malta) have also shown interest to film one of the next films in locations in both Sicily and Malta.