Cospicua has three specialised guides

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Three licensed guides were given a certificate as specialised guides for guiding tourists around Cospicua. The guides – Claudine Gauci, Adrian Gauci and Phyllis Chamberlain – successfully completed an intensive course organised by the Bir Mula Heritage museum of Cospicua. The course dealt with various aspects of history and heritage sites in Cospicua.

Museum curator John Vella, who presented the certificates, said that although Cospicua had a great number of unique heritage sites, such as medieval streets, narrow alleys, palazzos, religious sites and baroque fortifications, very few tour operators promoted this heritage.
While most local and foreign visitors appreciate these historical treasures found in Cospicua, local authorities such as MEPA still issued permits for development leading to the demolishment and destruction of important historic buildings.

Mr Vella also said Bir Mula Heritage looked forward to repeating such courses and hoped tour operators would show an interest.

(Note: This is an article that was published in the Sunday Times of Malta of the 30th of December 2012.)

December 2012: Art Exhibition

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Between the 1st of December and the 22nd of December 2012, a number of original paintings (landscapes and abstracts) by artists Emma and Matthew Pace were on exhibition at Bir Mula Heritage House. These paintings were for sale and 25% from each sale was donated to the Cystics Fibrosis Trust in Malta.

The above picture depicts one of the paintings by Matthew Pace.

December 13: Italian Film Week 2012

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On the 13th of December 2012, Bir Mula Heritage House together with the ‘Assessorato al Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo’ of Sicily hosted the ‘Italian Film Week 2012′. This year’s emphasis was on cinema from south-eastern Sicily. The famous Italian film actor and director Giuliano Montaldo and the director Marco Spagnoli were the guests of honour who visited this event. The programme also included the projection of the documentary film Quattro, Tre, Due Volte Vent’ Anni about the life of Giuliano Montaldo and his cinematic experiences. Also present was Dott Arturo Mingardi, the director of the ‘Cinema Nuovo Italiano’.

Giuliano Montaldo can be seen in the picture above.